Feeling too stressed at work? A lot of us are and we end up paying for it if we’re not careful. Don’t fall into the trap of trudging though life without taking a break to smell the paninis -Try these techniques instead: Take a break and go outside. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day. Accept the things you can’t change. Avoid cigarettes and bad nutritional habits. Plan something you can look forward to. Put off procrastination. Finally¬¶and this may the thing that does the trick¬¶come into Camille’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re experts at setting just the right restful and relaxing vibe for you, we have great mood improving ambience, not to mention, the best chef inspired gourmet menu in town. I promise, we have a way of calming even the most stressed out workaholic or overwrought parent delivering smiles even plastic surgery couldn’t remove. Come by and see. You deserve it and so does the fam.Salad